The latest technology from USA to the World

Axialtek is an emerging wholesale distributor for all Latin America.

We represent a wide range of consumer electronic brands and computer accessories.
We carry only the latest top selling brands and their high-performance products ideal for any retail channel.
Some of our product lines include: Computer Accessories, Speakers, Cables, Chargers, Gadgets, Headphones and many more.

The force of our Marketing promoting your business

Axialtek offers you assistance with the coordination of lead-generating events, brochures,
advertising materials, literature, press releases and other marketing related opportunities.

Our Credit Program is fully customized to your specific needs

Our credit programs are fully customized to meet your specific needs. In Axialtek we have developed a comprehensive and customizable credit program that will empower and develop your business footprint in the region.
Together we define what are the best product-lines and price-points ideal for your business.

Universal Warranty

Our products include full coverage and processing returns, all backed up by our impeccable customer service based in Miami.